Company Logo specialise in withdrawn library stock, selling it on the internet and giving the profits back to the libraries. do not give a percentage of the profits to charity like some other book sellers - all revenue is given back to the libraries. Our aim is to get the most revenue from all stock withdrawn, in a fast and competitive manner, in order to maximise profit for the library. At no time is there any cost to the library.

We use our own vans and drivers for collections, avoiding the extra work which couriers can sometimes cause for libraries. can supply the boxes and our drivers can even do the packing for you.

You book a time that suits you for the collection, we take all your books as we do not “cherry pick” the best ones, then you can watch your individual books sell by logging into your account online. Our model is transparent from beginning to end and can be monitored via your own client portal.

Address: 2 Outer Circle Business Park
Outer Circle Road

Telephone: 01522 522665
Fax: 01522 519991
Sales Contact: David Buckley

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